WA 4th CD Democratic Committee to Meet May 17 in Moses Lake

The WA-4th CD Democratic Committee will hold its quarterly meeting on Saturday, May 17, at 12:00 Noon, at the Moses Lake Civic Center, 401 Balsam Street, Moses Lake, WA. The agenda will include reports from the Finance and Communications Committees, a 2014 Campaign Proposal, and endorsement of a 4th CD Congressional candidate.  Greg Haffner, Party Affairs Manager for the Washington State Democrats will provide a brief training on the Empower Engine mapping tool.

All PCOs and interested Democrats in the 4th Congressional District are welcome to attend.  There is no cost for membership for Precinct Committee Officers and $10 for others who wish to become voting members.

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WA 4th CD Quarterly Meeting Scheduled for March 22

The Quarterly meeting of the WA 4th CD is scheduled for Saturday March 22, 2 pm.

It will be held at the Office of the Yakima County Democrats, 402 South 3rd Street, Yakima WA 98901.

All PCOs are voting members and other 4th CD Democrats may become voting members by paying a membership fee.

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Representative “Doc” Hastings Announces Retirement

Congressman “Doc” Hasting gave the 4th Congressional District an early Valentine when he announced that he will not run for re-election in 2014.  The field is now wide open to potential candidates from either party.  Hastings’ 20 year tenure has been a lackluster career, subservient to party leadership and out of state donors.  As chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee he has worked to gut the Environmental Species Act and support oil interests.  We wish him well as a private citizen.

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Latino Legislative Day 2014

The Latino Civic Alliance, and other groups will sponsor Latino Legislative Day on Monday, February 10, from 8 am to 4 pm on the Washington State Capital Campus in Olympia.  Participants will hear a keynote from Governor Jay Inslee, participate in policy sessions and meet with legislators during the day.  Buses will provide transportation directly to the free event from Yakima and the Tri-Cities.  Contact Mateo Arteaga (Yakima) 509-899-1302 or Dora Morfin (Tri-Cities) 509-302-8473 to reserve your seat on the bus.  To register contact www.latinocivicalliance.org

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Jaxon Ravens Elected Chairman of WA State Democrats

The highlight of the Washington State Democrats’ meeting in Vancouver on February 1 was the election of a new party chairman.  Four candidates campaigned statewide for the position including, Dana Laurent, Seattle; Jim Kainber, Olympia; Jay Clough, Richland  and Jaxon Ravens, Seattle.  Ravens, the current Executive Director of the party was elected on the second ballot.  He succeeds Dwight Pelz, who retired last December.  It is hoped that the new leadership will be inspired by the enthusiasm of the State Committee men and women who voted, as well as other party leaders who participated in candidate forums and meetings throughout the state.

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Senate Confirms Janet Yellen

On the first day of business in 2014, the U.S. Senate confirmed Janet Yellen as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on a roll call vote, 56-26.

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Stopgap farm bill passes U.S. House, extends current law to January

Reuters – With the new U.S. farm bill a month away from completion, the House of Representatives passed a stopgap extension of current law to avoid the “dairy cliff” although some lawmakers called the threat of high milk prices a fiction.

The House passed the extension until Jan. 31 on a voice vote after less than 10 minutes of debate. Agriculture Committee chairman said House and Senate negotiators were making “significant progress” toward a new farm law and the extension would end “panic” over a possible doubling of milk prices.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/12/12/usa-agriculture-idUSL1N0JR21420131212

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What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?

What would you like Congress to achieve for Christmas? A Budget Bill?  A Farm Bill?  Extension of Unemployment Benefits?  A Jobs Bill?  Tax Reform?  Immigration Reform?  An Agreement with Iran on nuclear weapons development?  Approval of President Obama’s federal appointees?  Background checks on all gun sales?  That the website for the Affordable Care Act will work?   Bipartisan cooperation for the Common Good?… Add your issue to the list to send to Congress.

Thanks to Patty Murray a Budget Bill may just become a reality.  Thanks to the State of Washington, the Affordable Care Act, is being successfully implemented in this state.  Thanks to Doc Hastings the Columbia River Treaty with Canada and the Endangered Species Act are being questioned.

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New Leadership for 4th CD Democrats

At the October meeting of the Washington 4th CD Democratic Committee, Mary Stephenson was elected Chair.  She replaces George Fearing who was appointed to the State Court of Appeals.  Stephenson is the former Chair of the Yakima County Democrats and she will emphasize organization, communication and leadership training in the coming year.  “If we hope to elect a Democrat to Congress, we must encourage folks to run for local office  and the legislature.  We need to work together to ensure strong families and communities in Central Washington.   We hope to build a better world for our children.”

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Keep on Fighting

Now that Jay Clough has dropped out of the race, Doc Hastings will be running unopposed. While this does guarantee a disappointing victory for Hastings, we still will remain active with what we have been doing, in order to raise awareness and understanding about the issues.

Make no mistake. Hastings is a corrupt incumbent with a huge advantage and a lot of pull. His general apathy toward censure and correction and honesty have proved that he is perfectly comfortable where he is at, and does not intend to change anytime soon. Indeed, the incumbent stands as a prime example of someone so corrupted by politics that they engage in politics for no other reason than to retain power.

We encourage all of our readers to stay informed about the big issues, and still take action whenever you can. Our democratic system may be one that gives us results that we don’t like, but at the same time, you can get results.

In fact, we encourage our readers to find other ways to take action through the web. Find Facebook groups with similar views to yours. Follow the big names on Twitter, or start your own and work on getting things done that way. Utilize social media to gain awareness and followers.

Some of the most impressive political movements of the last few years have started out online, as the thought of a single person. The only thing preventing you from making your voice heard in some way is you!

Speak up. Fight back. And, good luck.


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