Endangering the Endangered: Doc Hastings Tackling the ESA

It is common knowledge that having a diverse variety of plants and animals is absolutely necessary to ensure that our planet is healthy and we are able to continue to thrive on our planet. This is the primary reason that Richard Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act into law in 1973.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that it takes just about 42 years for a species that has been put on the endangered species list to recover. Kieran Suckling, the executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson said, “What we should be asking is: Are we preventing extinction? … The ESA is 99.9 percent effective in preventing extinction.”

For as much good as the ESA has done, we are not surprised at all to learn that Doc Hastings has taken it upon himself to change and overhaul this law. Something that has been working for all of these years to protect our environment may be brought down by Doc Hastings.

If it is not bad enough that Doc Hastings has a blatant disregard for endangered species, we can also see where his allegiance really lies. Clearly, it does not lie with his constituents but rather with the big oil and energy companies that are excited about the ESA to be reformed.

At this crucial time in our Earth’s history it is important that we have leaders that will recognize the importance of the environment and act accordingly. Doc Hastings seems to be more concerned with the companies that fund him than with anything else.

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