Keep on Fighting

Now that Jay Clough has dropped out of the race, Doc Hastings will be running unopposed. While this does guarantee a disappointing victory for Hastings, we still will remain active with what we have been doing, in order to raise awareness and understanding about the issues.

Make no mistake. Hastings is a corrupt incumbent with a huge advantage and a lot of pull. His general apathy toward censure and correction and honesty have proved that he is perfectly comfortable where he is at, and does not intend to change anytime soon. Indeed, the incumbent stands as a prime example of someone so corrupted by politics that they engage in politics for no other reason than to retain power.

We encourage all of our readers to stay informed about the big issues, and still take action whenever you can. Our democratic system may be one that gives us results that we don’t like, but at the same time, you can get results.

In fact, we encourage our readers to find other ways to take action through the web. Find Facebook groups with similar views to yours. Follow the big names on Twitter, or start your own and work on getting things done that way. Utilize social media to gain awareness and followers.

Some of the most impressive political movements of the last few years have started out online, as the thought of a single person. The only thing preventing you from making your voice heard in some way is you!

Speak up. Fight back. And, good luck.


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